Your Ascension Journey

with Cherîe Collette Hebert




Cellular Memory Communicating and Healing with Channeled Unity Consciousness




Cellular memory is the imprinted information of a negative traumatic experience within each of our cells/particles within our bodies. Sight, sound, smell, feeling, temperature, thought, emotion, touch, taste etc are imprinted within the cells and are the root of ALL mental and emotional issues. It is also the root cause of ALL physical issues, even a surgery is traumatic to a body.



If we have had a negative experience in our past and are triggered into anxiety in a present moment, it is this cellular memory that we are feeling and feel it as if we are not safe in that moment, as if we are experiencing it as happening right then and there. We feel it with every cell of our body. You can also akin this to the subconsciousness. The part of our consciousness that is suppressed within the cells and what causes the repeat of old experiences. It is what is playing in our subconscious, cellular memories that is manifesting these old negative experiences into our reality, our day to day living. Like energy manifests like energy (in the form of experiences) It happens this way to show us what is in need of our attention, healing, our love.



An anxiety attack is the cellular memory of past trauma, abuse, scary experiences being triggered by a similar stimulus to the original experience, triggering the cellular memory of their "past" traumatic experience, sending fear throughout all the bodies, mentally, emotionally and physically as if they were reliving the danger in that moment. When we have a familiar stimulates happen to a negative experience from our past, it triggers up the same exact feelings/stimulates we felt when it originally happened.



Not all negative cellular memory will have anxiety with it, it can be as simple as a negative experience of having been yelled at or judged and criticized as a child. This too will be imprinted into your cellular memory causing issues with self confidence, self worth, self love, and will be triggered if someone in their day to day living yells at them or judges and criticizes them. The feeling they will feel in their body (cellular memories) will be the same as the feelings of hurt and stimulus, thoughts, newly created beliefs about themselves etc that they experienced at the time of the original experience.



Fears of things are also rooted in the cellular memory of negative experiences in you past. Hurts, betrayals, depression, lack of love, lack of money, lack of passion, fear of making wrong decisions, fear of commitments, feeling trapped, blocked from moving forward, fears of being alone, working too much, taking abuse from others, fears of speaking up, lack of healthy boundaries, and our negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world are a direct cause of past unloving experiences that are stored into the cellular memories of your bodies.



When we take steps and use tools to heal the Cellular Memory, we change the energetic frequency of the cellular memories creating wholeness and well-being and the letting go of past experiences.



One of the abilities that I have been given by Source, is that I am able to psychically and energetically communicate with the cellular memories of past traumatic experiences. With this ability, it allows me to help those to heal past trauma and balance the cellar memory, changing it to a new and vibrant cellular energy and making peace with the experience, through the process of energy and subconscious healing and working with the inner child.



For those who wish to look deeper into themselves, and to heal and balance past negative experiences healing the cellular memories of past negative experiences, I am here to be of service.



Contact me to make your appointment for *Cellular Memory Healing*. Each session is a minimum of an hour but can go longer. Contact me for any questions or concerns about these sessions. No question is a dumb question.