Your Ascension Journey

with Cherîe Collette Hebert

Negative Cellular Memory Clearing with Channelled High Consciousness Energy


Negative Cellular Memory Energy is the result of Soul Fragmentation


Negative Cellular memory energy, is the imprinted information/subconscious memories, of a negative traumatic experience, that was not released or processed and allowed to leave the body at the time of the experience. It was suppressed within each of the cells/particles/atoms/molecules within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. All of the senses, sight, sound, smell, feeling, temperature, thought, emotion, touch, taste etc are imprinted within the cells and vibrate at a dense frequency causing an imbalance in our bodies. In the mental and emotional as well as the physical body.



Experiences such as a loss of a loved one, loss of a beloved pet, loss of a job, mental, emotional and physical abuse, divorce of a partner, your parents divorce, bad news, major betrayal, abuse of your trust, car accidents, sexual trauma in many forms, being yelled at, judgements, criticism, harsh comments, threats, control and manipulation, guilting, unloving acts against us, severe weather experiences, a house fire, burglary, abusive relationships, unloving home environments, a parent, teacher, or authoritative figures abuse of power, the list in endless. Anything that causes the soul to fragment off in order to protect you from dying from shock.



When the soul undergoes a traumatic experience that affects it emotionally, mentally, or physically, that shocks us, it causes this part of the consciousness to fragment off and is suppressed deep into the subconsciousness of our cells. This is called Soul Fragmentation. When we have a negative experience  of our consciousness to fragment off from the whole of our soul, our consciousness, called Soul Fragmentation.



Examples of Soul Fragmentation are mental issues, like bi-polar, schizophrenia, PTSD, passive/aggressiveness, split personality, dementia and alzheimers. When you have someone with any of these metal imbalances, you will often find someone with a very abusive past.

Physical pain and injury, dis-eases and illness can manifest in the physical body as a reflection of emotional and mental pain. The longer it is suppressed, the more likely to show up in the physical body. We also manifest physical injury as a result of mental and emotional pain that is suppressed within the cells, as well as a self punishment for things we were made to feel we were responsible for. The Rabbit Whole goes very deep.



It is this part of our consciousness (the known, the in the moment experience) that quickly gets suppressed and disassociated from (subconsciousness, unknown, hidden), because we don't like how it feels to be experiencing it and want to push it away from us as far away as possible and as a survival tactic, allowing us to keep going and not die from the trauma and shock of the experience.



An example of this happening is, someone in a car accident, the jarring, screeching tires, whirling, loss of control over the experience, the traumatic impact against the car and your body, the sounds of metal crushing, windows smashing, pains all over the body, the smells of burning rubber and screams of other passengers or even your own. The aftermath of the wreckage strewn all over the road, the blood stains on the pavement, and the loss of someone you loved deeply. These are all energetic stimuli that the consciousness picks up as the experience is taking place. At the same time, the soul/consciousness fragments off to protect the one having the experience from dying from the shock, and suppresses these energies into the cells, deeply and dissociating from it.



Have you heard of the express, shes never been the same since the accident, since the death of her parents, etc?! this is exactly why. When we fragment off, we are not the same. We have lost a part of ourselves. Now what happens next is, after this experience, this person may have triggers through out their day to day life, such as walking down the street and hearing a car screeching its tires or slamming on the breaks causing this person to go into anxiety. What is happening is the negative cellular memory of their own car accident is being triggered up by the same stimuli that was suppressed in the cells, causing it to be experienced in the bodies, as if it was happening again right there.



Negative cellular memory energy having been suppressed from these past experience, is what causes our mental, emotional and physical issues, dis-eases and illness. When the bodies are out of balance, and they are with negatively vibrating cellular memory energy, we are in dis-harmony with Spirit. With our Unified God Selves.



An anxiety attack is the cellular memory of past trauma, abuse, scary experiences being triggered by a similar stimulus to the original experience, triggering the cellular memory of their "past" traumatic experience, vibrating fear throughout all the bodies, mentally, emotionally and physically as if they were reliving the danger in that moment. When we have a familiar stimulates happen to a negative experience from our past, it triggers up the same exact feelings/stimulates we felt when it originally happened. Just thinking of an experience is enough to trigger up these negative cellular memory energies. And sometimes our Higher Selves also bring us experiences to trigger what is hidden so we know what we are needing to examine more closely.



Having been judged and criticised as a child will also have consequences. The emotions and feelings, thoughts and beliefs that were created in these experiences, if not processed properly and the giving of permission for the emotions and feelings to be felt and the inner child to be heard is what causes these experiences to be suppressed within the cells only to show up time and time again, with the same patterns of experience. It may be with different people other than the original ones who first judged or criticised, but the theme will be the same. 



This too will be imprinted into your cellular memory causing issues with self confidence, unworthiness, self love, guilt and will be triggered if someone in their day to day living yells at them or judges and criticizes them, triggering up the deeply suppressed emotions, feeling, thoughts, beliefs, etc of the original experiences as well as the newly created in the moment experience.



Fears of things are also rooted in the cellular memory of negative experiences in the past. Hurts, betrayals, depression, lack of love, lack of money, lack of passion, fear of making wrong decisions, fear of commitments, feeling trapped, blocked from moving forward, fears of being alone, working too much, taking abuse from others, fears of speaking up, lack of healthy boundaries, and our negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world are a direct cause of past unloving experiences that are stored into the cellular memories of your bodies and consciousness.



If we were to have an negative or hurtful experience and not suppress it, by allowing it to be felt and letting it pass threw, through being open and expansive (deep breathing helps with this), and not disassociating with these negative emotions and feelings, they would not get imprinted into our cells, but pass through and released into the earth unharming us.



But because we have been taught to suppress our emotions and feelings, we have created within us many distortions throughout our subconsciousness. It is this imprinted consciousness within our cells and particles that will dictate the mirroring of our subconscious information, out into our environment and physical experience. It's what plays back to us.



When we take the steps and use the spiritual tools (we need spiritual tools to heal spiritual issues) to clear the Negative Cellular Memory, we change the energetic frequency of the overall Being, creating wholeness and well-being and the letting go of past experiences, moving one into a higher vibrational consciousness and experience.



One of the abilities that I have been given by Spirit, is that I am able to psychically and energetically scan and communicate with the subconsciousness of the client and read the energy of the negative cellular memories of past traumatic experiences. With this ability, it allows me to help those to heal past trauma and balance the cellar memory, changing it to a new and vibrant cellular energy and making peace with the experience, through the process of energy and subconscious healing and working with the inner child.



For those who wish to look deeper into themselves, and to heal and balance past negative experiences healing the cellular memories of past negative experiences, I am here to be of service.



Contact me to make your appointment for *Cellular Memory Healing*. Each session is a minimum of an hour but can go longer. Contact me for any questions or concerns about these sessions. No question is a dumb question.



Our Natural State of Being



Our Natural State of Being, is one of Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Patience, and all of the different states of being that are in alignment with love, balance and harmony. We don't have to TRY to be these things, they are a natural sate of being when our hearts are open and cleared of negative hurts from our experiences.



You know those days where you spread love and happiness to everyone around you and that you meet out in the public? Then you know those days where its hard to even smile and force yourself to slap on a happy face and even downplay how you are feeling when asked “how are you?”



The difference is one is your natural sate of being and comes easily and naturally, and the other is a forced habit.



When we HAVE to try to make ourselves feel better, we already know there is some part of us (Inner Child) that is in need of our Acknowledgement, To be Heard, Loved, and to be there for.


Changing our thoughts, programs and beliefs, comes naturally when we release the negative emotional attachment to our experiences. We return to our natural state of Being. Our bodies, always strive to return to homeostasis, to its natural state of balance and harmony.



God/Spirit, IS our Source for ALL of our needs, desires and experiences. God is the Source of our Happiness, Joy, Safety, Security, Abundance, Prosperity, Creativity, Peace, Love, Health, Inspiration, Motivation, Energy, Vitality, Earthly Needs etc. God is who provides these things for us through our experiences that God is having through us, these physical forms. When we keep in mind that it is not our jobs that gives us our financial support or security but that it is God that does, you will find you will not fear losing a job, or moving into doing something you are passionate about, that you feel secure knowing that God is our Source for these things so no person can take it away from us. Yes it is truth that God provides for us through our jobs but it is not the JOB that gives it to us.



Remember that our Source for all of our needs be provided for comes from God, not thing things we do. Our needs are in our natural state of Being, provided to us as our birth right. What changes this, is our negative experiences that we have held onto that formed the beliefs that we are not provided for for the many reasons we are either told, come to believe or are guilted by.




Your Ascension Journey brought to you by Cherîe Collette Hebert


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