Your Ascension Journey

with Cherîe Collette Hebert

Client Testimonials and Experiences


I started seeing Cherie almost a year ago and I believe we met at the perfect time in my life. I needed her and didn’t even realize it. When I met Cherie I was confused, stuck, unhappy with where my life was and had no idea what I was doing. I met Cherie at an vendors booth and was very interested in her work. I booked my first appointment with her a week later. After my first appointment I was shocked at what had happened in the session and some of things she had told me about what had happened to me in the past. You really need to keep an open mind when you see her. I have come a long way since my first appointment. Cherie has taught me skills to help me heal myself and move forward in my life. I am more confident, emotionally aware, and feel that I am on the right path in my life.


Holly Finucan

The first time I went for a Combined Reiki Healing with Massage, session, I was not sure what to expect. Upon entering Cherîe's place, she immediately put me at ease. Cherîe is very easy to talk to and her beautiful smile lights up the room. Speaking of which the room is set up with a very relaxing atmosphere that ties in perfect with the music she has softly playing in the background. The attention to detail and her professional yet friendly demeanor had me totally relaxed and feeling at ease, even before the massage. It is hard to put into words how truly much I enjoyed the whole experience and how energized yet peaceful I felt after that first and all sessions that followed. Cherîe has a true passion for her profession and puts her heart and soul in all that she does.



Hello beautiful lady! I have to tell you that meeting you today was my Universe Wink and blessing. I love my necklace and will wear it again tomorrow. Interestingly enough at first it made me think of peacocks but as I wore it and connected with people they mentioned they thought it was a lizard which is another passion of mine....metal wood, and porcelain lizards surround my home! I need to see you again! Thanks for calming my anxiety and being so approachable, and simply lovely! You are a beautiful soul inside and out and I look forward to building our connection.

Blessings of love and light,

heart emoticon Nadine Doyle

Hi Cherie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my massage yesterday and talking with you. I was a little spaced out when I left your place which is not uncommon for me when I've just experienced any kind of energy work especially if it's for the first time. Today I'm feeling kinda' wiped out and tired. I'm going to take an epsom salt bath soak. I think I'm feeling the effects of toxins leaving my body. My fingers are still aching a little. I'm guessing I will be calling you for another appointment anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month from now.


Thanks again Cherie


Take care. Fred

I was looking for direction in my life and came across Cherîe Hebert and Your Healing Journey. I made an appointment for the Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching she offered to get to a clearer head space. It was an interesting experience learning of the inner child and what she has been through and learning that it is okay to feel and how it is in fact very important in our healing and releasing the past. Her teaching me and helping me to let go of the old hurts was a wonderful and enlightening experience. Now l can go back in my past and keep working on it. All and all I had a wonderful time and would like to do more work together.


Sharon Ouimette Lamoureux

Cherie I want you to know we all appreciate everything you did in your sessions with Faye. I know she loved how you helped her. She loved your beautiful spirit and the way you helped her. Thank you so much for everything.

Heather J M.

Thank you Cherie. I do not know if you know this or not but she loved her sessions with you. She thought you were an amazing person with an absolute wonderful gift. Mom and I want to thank you for helping her.

Gloria D

"I just wanted to say thanks ... you've been a guiding light .... and influenced me along my path .....always had this sense about you ... :)"

Jason B

"It sure is a great feeling knowing what is in store for one. It has meant so much to me since we found out what my special ability was, the meaning of the visions. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how much you did for me. I would not be where I am without you. So you do shape lives. It's finding direction and moving towards what you're meant to do while here on earth. Cherie, your help has meant so much to me. Thank you." Have a good evening. Give your puppy a hug for me.


Nancy Kittle


Rebecca B wrote: "You are a lovely soul. Cherie!" "Thank you. You are a role model for me..."

I am à long-haul truck driver, sitting all day in my rig. My back was hurting big time after having to drive for over 10 year's! When I was back home it was so painfull, I Couldn't cut the grass, vaccum, mop the floor, a tale of pain. So I have decide to try massage and found Cherîe with Your Healing Journey. I opted for the Combined Energy Healing WITH Massage and after one session I saw a difference. WOW, one of the best desission I ever made. I highly recommend everybody to get in touch with CHERIE and make an appointement just to try her massage it's amazing!

Michel T. Villeneuve

I would like to say thank you again for talking with me today. It was a learning experience just listening to you talk today. I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable with questions etc... I get very excited when I speak with someone as knowledgeable as yourself.

Thank you for share your time with me

Many Blessings Yvonne

I am a 59 year old male who was diagnosed with progressive MS 8 years ago. My wife was at a local craft show approximately 4 years ago and met Cherie and was impressed with her techniques. I contacted her regarding massage therapy at my house. Upon her first visit she surprised me by knowing more than usual about my disease and its symptoms, she'd obviously done some homework. Cherie has been coming to our house since then and has been helpful, courteous and very professional in helping me manage my MS symptoms.


Jeff Baker

Hi Cherie! Just wanted to say thank you for my session yesterday. I didn’t use nasal spray or anything since the night before our session. At times I could feel a crackling in my sinus area. I just keep massaging that area & letting myself know that I am loved & all is well. I feel that I’m on the right track with my healing journey. Very grateful to you, Thx!

Chat soon, thx.



Hi Cherie;

I have to tell you that the stomach issue are gone, also I was having severe pain in my mouth/teeth and it also has gone. I don't even know what to say. I'm so interested in learning more and trying to keep myself balanced, and also further healing. Something tells me there may be more for me to deal with as well.

I have 3 people for sure who would love for you to give them a massage. I'm also wondering how long I need to wait to have another one myself?

I cannot thank you enough.

Nicole Walter

Just had the most beautiful and emotional reiki experience. Loved it. Thankyou Cherîe Hebert you are amazing:)

Court Seirra

I'm just typing down what comes to mind and hope it helps others out!


I've had the pleasure of knowing Cherie Hebert for getting close to 5 years now and in that time I've gotten to know what a truly awesome person she really is. From getting to know her through various health-oriented events in this area (Brockville, Maitland) to becoming a regular client first with the Healthy Coffee and later on with the Healing Massage sessions. I really have gotten to know what a kind, caring and special person Cherie truly is. She really puts all of her energy into what she does and she really knows her stuff. With the massage sessions, I am impressed with the information she can put out there that is helpful with dealing with the issues rooted in my past and we have had some fantastic enlightening talks during these sessions. The talks themselves are very profound and healing. Cherie always gives it her all with the sessions and she has that personal touch that makes the whole experience truly rewarding. She gives it her all with what she does, whether it's with the healing sessions, the special events that she hosts, which I was happy to attend one of and was very well done, or with the jewelry and various healthy products she makes herself. I find Cherie to be quite approachable, especially when I see her at various craft shows in the area and find that I'm able to talk to her about anything that comes to mind. At the end of the day, I can walk away knowing that Cherie was there for me in one way or another. Cherie truly is someone I'm happy to say is a really good healing mentor. I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks that. Thanks for everything Cherie, your work will always be appreciated!


John Tutecky

A butterfly flew through my car on my way back to work ! Had like 5 mini miracles since I left your place.

Blessing to you Cherie !! Xo


Shannon A O'N

I honestly believe that if people want it bad enough they will make it happen. If you want to be a Reiki practitioner it's wonderful for others but more for you. I find that Reiki is so beneficial to me because I feel a constant connection. If people see a TV on sale they buy it, if people want take out they buy it. If you want to be a Reiki Practitioner and help yourself and those around you, you'll make it happen. Cherîe Hebert has wisdom and knowledge that should be spread all around the world. However we still have mortgage and we still have expenses. I'm sure if we lived in a world where she didn't have to charge for her time and services then she wouldn't. In my opinion it is worth every cent. One of the reasons it's so special. Anyone would do it for free, and it would be taken advantage of. If you make the financial investment it will pay off :)

Stacy Kenney

I have had depression since I was 6 years old. I tried medication and years of therapy but I never learned what I've learned through Reiki with Cherie Reiki Grand Master. For the first time in my life I love myself. I'm more confident, happier, and have more energy. My entire outlook on life has changed. I would recommend this to everyone. I'm looking forward to continuing Reiki and learning so much more about myself and living.


Nancy Kittle Satisfied Client +++

I just want to thank you again. Tyson was very positive which was so nice to see. He was asleep by 7:30. Wow we are lucky to have him asleep totally by 10. I was in tears having my bath. I got such a great feeling from this. It is very interesting and most of all I want is to help my son so bad. I don't like to see him in pain everyday. I will touch base early Next week. Thank you!

Wendy M

Cherie helped me out with my childhood trauma. Her insightful healing, support, encouragement, love, light made a huge difference and I am on my way to wholeness . I am so filled with gratitude and for this I thank you Cherie. Her healing techniques really do work . Xox

Tawyna Ditchman

Less than a year ago I was a very unhappy person. I hated myself and even believed God hated me too. It's April 3rd and . . . Today I begin anew . . . a new life . . . new ideas and improve my weight, heart, body and soul. Through Reiki and Cherie, My Reiki Master, I'm releasing the old and embracing the here and now. The future isn't written and I'm not going to fear it. The past is laid to rest. I want to thank Mother/Father God, my creator, Cherie, my Reiki Master and Reiki with much love and gratitude. I AM HAPPY! I LOVE MYSELF! I AM BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT! I'm amazed at how far I've come myself. I worked in Psychiatry and I have been in therapy most of my life. Psychiatry can only take one so far. I wish everyone knew the true benefits of Reiki and I give God, Cherie, my Reiki Master and Reiki the praise I can every time I can.


Nancy, a very satisfied and much improved me

Cherîe Hebert thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts , you are a very special blessing from the divine realm, Namaste.


Joe Hebert

How Reiki Changed My Life


My first Reiki healing touch experience was a eye opener. I never really thought this could possibly be a strong pain reliever until I was in the Waimea Hospital in Hawaii on the Big Island. There was a large tumor in my uterus and I had just given birth to my son. The tumor had begun to detach itself after the birth and was extremely painful. They had me on morphine and other pain relievers but nothing worked and it was excruciating and I was unable to get any sleep. The hospital luckily was open to alternative medicine and brought in a Reiki Master. The woman was a saving grace. She made it possible for me to get some rest. I didn't really understand what she did but I was grateful. Years later I had a couple more tumors and got sick again. Reiki came back into my life and so did homeopathic medicine. I wanted now to understand why it worked and made a commitment .





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