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Your Ascension Journey aka Your Healing Journey

... the journey of the mind and body WITH Spirit

Unity Consciousness, Self Reiki and Self Mastery Classes. An All in ONE class.


Cherîe Hebert, Energy Work Grand Master, Spiritual Teacher and Ascension Catalyst, Holder of the 9 Spiritual Gifts and Fruits from Spirit, Teacher of the Lessons of the 9 Cycles

This is a 6 day class program over a 3 week period. 36hrs in total.
Monday/Tuesdays OR Saturday/Sundays of each week. Each day is 6hrs long. 10Am till 3pm.

Class Fee is $705 for 6 days. 

Seats may be reserved by paying full class fee or by a non refundable deposit of $352.50 (half the class fee) and paying the remining the day of class. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or etransfers.


 **Payment plans may also be considered for those who cannot pay the full amount at once. Contact me for discussion**


Inclusive of Class Fee:

Class Manual/Book, that I personally wrote. Over 92 pages. $50 value. Spiritual value: Priceless. Your life will never be the same even after one of these classes.

Unity Consciousness/Reiki Attunment and Certificate

6 days, 36hrs of Teachings/Insights/Tools/Hands on class experiences/exercises/negative cellular memory clearing meditations etc (see below Class Outline for more details of what classes contain)

Classroom Rental

Coffee/Hand Crafted Cedar Tea (Energy Charged with Unity Consciousness)/Water/Fruit


Taking these classes is a milestone in a persons life and from the time you set foot in the class and by the time you leave your life will never be the same again.


Class Outline

Reiki/Energy Medicine/Spiritual Work and Ascension, Self Mastery, is an Energetic Consciousness that uses variable frequency energy to heal, balance, harmonize and moves you up the Spiritual Ascension stair case of our Spiritual Evolution back to Unified Consciousness and the return to Heaven on Earth. This consciousness and teachings works on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, including timelines/lifetimes, as well as opens you up to your Divine Life's Work, Mission, Self Mastery and the Divine Plan for ALL of US.


You will receive a Powerful Attunement, the only one you will need, through an Attunement Ceremony, to the Reiki Energy, your Higher Self Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Quantum Field, the Lords of Cycles Consciousness, which is a permanent attunement and facilitates and activates your awakening to Higher Truths and Teachings as well as Your own Healing Journey and Abilities and Gifts, as well as Full Higher Self/Unity Consciousness.


This class will also contain within it many teachings of the Unified Consciousness we are all moving into and are in. Right from Beginners Level, Intermediate and Advanced Teachings. Hence the 6 days of class.

You will learn about the following topics, but not limited to:


~ Self Reiki ~ Developing Balance of the Mind and Body with Spirit ~ Shamanic Healing, ~ Soul Fragment Retrieval/Integration, ~ Negative Cellular Memory Clearing of this timeline/childhood traumas, ~ Inner Child Healing, ~ Negative Emotional Attachment Clearing, ~ Healing Fears, ~ Reconnecting & Strengthening your connection to Source, your HigherSelf and Guides.

~ Energy Upgrading ~ Continued Development of Balance of the Mind (Masculine) and Body (Feminine) WITH Spirit and Maintaining it ~ Negative Cellular Memory Clearing from alternate timelines/lifetimes ~ Light Encoded Transmissions through discussions with Natural Keycode Activation's ~ Absorbing, frequency listening and receiving these energy transmissions of the Quantum and Unified Field Vibration, through my speaking and channeling of specific vibrations and frequencies ~ Higher Self Consciousness Integrating ~ REmembering of Spiritual Truths ~ Transmuting Negative Programing and Patterning ~ Negative Timeline Collapsing ~ Teachings of the Lessons of the 9 Cycles ~ The 9 Fruits from Spirit ~ The 9 Spiritual Gifts from Spirit/Source/God/Universe ~ Hearing and Listening to Divine Messages in the many forms they come in. ~ How to tune into these symbolic messages. ~ DNA Activation's and Repairing, ~ Energy Upgrading (Unified Consciousness made manifest in physical form, leads to your Spiritual Graduation). Meditation into the Quantum Field and Communicating with your Higher Self, Guides and Source.


And whatever else Spirit brings forth in each of these classes!


Wear comfortable clothes, pen and paper, bring a lunch and an open mind!

Contact me for more information as well as reserving your seat.


**When class is completed and you are still desiring more one on one Mentoring, fee is $3.50 per minute**

Love and Learn!
Cherîe Hebert

All questions and bookings may be directed to me by emailing me at

or by calling at 613-803-4444

Your Healing Journey