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Your Ascension Journey aka Your Healing Journey

... the journey of the mind and body WITH Spirit

Welcome! I will be your guide during "Your Healing Journey"  into wholeness and your Ascension. I am a certified holistic health practitioner specializing in Intuitive Shamanic healing, Cellular Memory Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Group Spiritual Teachings, One on One Teaching, Intuitive Life Path Oracle Readings, Revitalizing Massage as well as Cellular Memory Healing WITH Massage.


I became a Reiki practitioner after many years of my own health challenges and my desire for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual  healing after years of trauma in my past and past lives.


I had been taken through a Shamanic initiational journey through the Dark Night of Soul and ego death, the 7 steps of awareness necessary for spiritual wholeness and which ultimately leads one to their Spiritual Graduation. This process was and is to seek out all shadow aspects and to heal them, reintegrating them back into my being as a whole, balanced and harmonized with Spirit. 


I walked amongst the spirit world and was taught by Spirit how to heal myself, reminding of Who I Really Am, my abilities and the Universal truths and teachings,  so that I may be of Service to others. This journey was one of great pain and suffering but one that I am truly grateful for, since it has allowed me to reconnect with my Higher-Self, God, the Great Spirit and use these abilities, tools and skills that I have been given to be able to help others to heal and be whole once more.


I have always had the passion and eagerness to help others, even as an adolescent where my friends always seemed comfortable opening up to me. As I got older I found that using fitness and proper nutrition where food is the medicine, was one of the ways in which I found some relief from what was happening with me. So I took this knowledge along with taking a diploma course in Fitness and Nutrition and applied this to helping others.


As time went on I found that I wanted to help others on a deeper and more profound level, realizing that there was more to good health and well-being than just food, exercise and the physical body. It still left the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to be included.


After experiencing Reiki as a recipient and then furthering my interest by attending Level 1 Reiki, I felt in my heart that this was what I was looking for, in my life and how I could help others in the way that I really wanted to. So I continued on with levels 2, 3, and 4, completing my Master Teacher Level over a period of time and taking it again with a different teacher just to get a more balanced understanding. I began my regular daily personal practice and found it helpful in every aspect of my life and wanted to share it with others. Reiki isn't JUST a healing modality,  it's a way of life!


I have taken the Master/Teacher level of Reiki and continue to bring the gifts of what Energy Medicine has to offer to others in need. I have also taken other energy based courses such as Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to add to my constantly growing tools of healing. But in reality, it really doesn't matter how many therapies that we have received certificates in. It all really just boils down to the same thing.... it's the intention to help others to heal that matters and becoming a master at what you do.


I also offer what I call Cellular Memory Healing WITH Massage. I implement some of the basics of the Ayurvedic Head and Body Massage techniques and apply the Healing Energy, for a full mental, emotional and physical body Healing. Ayurveda, is a system of medicine that maintains that all illnesses affect both the mind and the body and should be treated together not separately which is in perfect energetic alignment with all the other healing modalities I practice as well as the theory I believe in.


This combined with my many years of life experiences, trained modalities, skills and abilities and my own healing trials and tribulations, taught from Spirit, I will do my best to assist you on "Your Healing Journey".


Cherîe Hebert



...Let the Journey Begin! 

Your Healing Journey", brings to you the alternative therapies of Energy Medicine and Relaxation and Energy Medicine applied Massage, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching as well as other Holistic therapies that will aid in your reaching optimal health. My goal is to help others to heal on all levels, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your Healing Journey aims to be a safe place, where you will feel relaxed in a peaceful environment, free of judgment and criticism, where your healing of the mind, body and spirit can take place.


Mission Statement

  • I will give of my time, compassion, care and patience to assisting others in their chosen journey to self discovery, self-healing and self empowerment through what I have learn't.

  • To promote and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, research and personal responsibility to ones health and well-being.

  • To share my experiences with personal growth, healing and stress releasing methods to help my clients to feel happy, healthy and whole.

  • To provide a new way of looking at and understanding the causes of the health concerns of today with meaningful and useful information on self-healing techniques.

  • My business will be conducted with the utmost integrity and confidentiality for my clients where they can feel safe sharing their inner most fears and concerns.

  • Offering treatments that are affordable for everyone who come to me in need of self healing.

  • To pursue, without reserve, my own healing and spiritual journey so that I may be of better service to others.


                                                  You may contact me by 

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I encourage questions as well as comments.


  Live, Love and Learn! 


We Are One!

Your Healing Journey

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